Breeding Ragdolls with Winning Purrsonalities since 1997


Please find information about adult cats looking for forever homes on our Facebook page.

Because we have often been asked why we choose to part with our altered “retirees”, I would like to offer an explanation here. Breeding purebred cats isn’t just about putting two cats together and selling kittens. It’s about finding a breed that you love, learning all about that breed, and then trying to not only preserve the breed, but also to better it in some way. Doing that requires setting goals and constantly trying to improve.

When we are successful in meeting our goals, the result is that the kittens we produce are “better” than their parents. When I say “better”, I mean that maybe they are larger and more robust than Mom and Dad, or maybe they have easier-maintenance coats or bluer eyes (ideally all of the above, although that rarely happens in just one generation).

We are also sometimes motivated to retire kitties because it is simply best for their mental or physical well-being NOT to be bred. These, for example, are females who have difficulty birthing, little interest in raising kittens, lose too much weight and condition due to birthing and nursing, etc. Not all cats should be bred, and these cats are quickly retired from our breeding program!

It’s not easy parting with these guys – many of whom we have helped into this world and watched grow from kittenhood into adulthood. HOWEVER – we are hobby breeders – we have no professional facilities, no professional help, and no cleaning helpers. In order to honor our commitment to ensure that our cats have good lives and receive not only the basics (high-quality food, fresh water, veterinary care) but also quality time, love, and attention, we have to be VERY careful not to keep too many cats in the house. For cat lovers who are totally enamored with Ragdolls, this is not an easy task. But unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) we have learned from past experiences that our family situation is just too demanding at this time in our lives for us to maintain a large breeding program, or a large group of “retirees”. Breeding Ragdolls can be a WONDERFUL, fulfilling hobby, but it requires an enormous amount of hard work and dedication, and frankly it can quickly become a serious financial strain.

We have found that for us, the best solution for all of us is to find these beautiful, loving cats equally wonderful, loving homes where they can be treasured full-time. When we take these cats to their new homes and meet their new families, it makes it easier for us to let them go. When we hear about how well they’re doing, or visit them (which we are often invited to do and do sometimes take advantage of, when time permits), or see pictures of them looking healthy, pampered and relaxed, we know that we have done the right thing.

These are some of the most beautiful, most loving Ragdolls that have ever graced our home, and they are looking for wonderful, loving families ONLY!