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DGC Ragmagic Leonidas

Best Chocolate Mitted Ragdoll Cat of the Year 2014-2015



Double Grand Champion


Chocolate point mitted (bbDD)
Born October 2014
Traditional pedigree (not available on PawPeds yet)


Leonidas, or “Leo” here at home, is from our second litter of traditional chocolates. He is named after a Belgian company that makes very yummy chocolates (thanks, Lisette, for both the chocolates, and the inspiration!). From the day he was born he was earmarked for our breeding program. At just a few days old he was purring on contact and at 3 weeks old he climbed up my arm, between my shoulder and neck, and began to purr himself to sleep. This boy has a *fantastic* temperament and everyone who meets him falls in love with him…he is a complete mush. He is also perfectly marked, has a wonderful correct coat texture, nice boning and musculature, and a really nice head and profile.