Breeding Ragdolls with Winning Purrsonalities since 1997

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to produce the very best Ragdolls we can, in accordance with the breed standard, and to raise Ragdoll kittens that are a pleasure to own.

For us, breeding Ragdolls is a hobby – a labor of love about which we have some very definite ideas and some very passionate feelings. Since we first fell in love with Ragdolls in the Fall of 1997, we have invested thousands of hours learning about the breed itself, about genetics, about feline husbandry, cattery managment, showing, and many, MANY more things that a breeder who is serious about doing his or her chosen breed justice needs to know.

While there are many breeds that we love to admire in the show hall (and we really like them all!), our Ragdolls remain our first true love. Over the years, we have shared our home with domestic shorthairs, American Curls, Siberians, British Shorthairs, as well as a Cymric and a Scottish Fold, and while we appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each of these cats, our hearts have stayed with the Ragdolls. That is why we are dedicated to producing the BEST possible Ragdolls we can. We have invested blood, sweat and tears – not to mention a small fortune – on our breeding program through the years. We have learned a lot since we first started out and we feel that the proof is in our cats and kittens, which is what we strive for!

What We Believe

We believe that the Ragdoll should be a large, blue eyed, pointed cat with a loving, laid-back temperament. We have worked to maintain and increase size in our breed, while trying to achieve an attractive, sweet-faced look, china blue eyes (the bluer the better!), a plush, silky coat, good point and clear body color, and a floppy, sweet personality.

We are members of The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA), and both of us are actively involved in our “association of choice”. Ralph is the current Regional Director for Europe North, and Amy is President of Germany’s largest TICA Club, TICACats. Our cattery name, “Ragmagic” (a short form of the description “Ragdoll Magic”, which we feel very aptly describes the biggest reason for the fascination with this breed), is registered in TICA, CFA, and ACFA. All of our cats and all of our litters are registered with TICA, but all of our kittens are registerable in CFA and ACFA also.

We believe that showing is a very important part of breeding. While we realize that not everyone’s lifestyle permits them to attend shows on a regular basis, we feel that a breeder who has NEVER shown his or her cat(s), never put in the time to talk to and visit other breeders…never taken the time to learn the Breed Standard or learn what type of Ragdoll embodies that Standard in his or her mind…is really missing out. We feel that one of the best ways to learn and grow as a breeder is to be able to get out and compare our Ragdolls to some of the very best out there. To have judges and other breeders assess our cats, and to look at and assess theirs. This has truly taught us more over the years about what a Ragdoll should be than just about anything else.

All of our cats live in the house with us. They live together in small groups, in order to reduce stress and minimize the risk of passing possible infections. Intact breeding cats don’t always get along with each other in large groups, due to the fact that cats are, by nature, a territorial species with a definite hierarchy within any given group. Keeping them in smaller groups reduces stress caused among the group by constant testing of the “pecking order”. None of our cats are caged!

Our kittens are raised in our bedroom for the first few weeks, and eventually “graduate” to the living/family room as soon as they have received their first vaccinations. Our kittens are handled daily and weighed on a regular basis. This ensures that they grow up to be well-socialized family members, and also that we can keep on top of any health problems that might occur.